People Under The Stairs - Big Sky Shakedown (Limited Edition Hand-Numbered #169/500 Autographed Grey Marble 12" Vinyl - Los Angeles Thanksgiveback)

  • $224.50


  • Limited Edition x/500
  • Autographed 12" Vinyl - Signed by Thes One & Double K
  • Grey Marble Colored Vinyl
  • Hand-Numbered Vinyl #169/500
  • Los Angeles Thanksgiveback Edition
  • Promo Edition
  • 1st and Only Live People Under The Stairs Vinyl Pressing

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More Info:

This is the Los Angeles Thanksgiveback 2014 LP. Each one has been hand numbered, signed, and paid for by Thes One and Double K & given free as a thank you to the fans who have supported & given us a reason to keep on.


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